After successfully operating chocolate fountains for nearly 10 years, we have chosen to distribute a unique chocolate that is rich in cocoa and contain the correct amount of cocoa butter that allows chocolate fondue fountains to taste heavenly and flow perfectly. We sell Chocovic chocolate imported from Spain in milk, dark and white.

The chocolate comes in buds that are easy to melt or can be added directly to the fountain. The chocolate is packed in 1 kg bags. We take orders over the phone and ship Australia wide. 

Chocolate for Chocolate Fountains


Chocolate  Type Quantity ordered Price
Milk Chocolate

41% Cocoa
42% Cocoa Butter
1kg $35  
Dark Chocolate

60/40 DARK
60% Cocoa
36% Cocoa Butter
1kg $35  
White Chocolate

31% Cocoa Butter
39% Milk Fats 
1kg $35  

The Chocovic Story

Chocolate, the "Drink of the gods" for the Aztecs, was introduced into Europe by the Spanish in the 16th century and soon became an essential element in the European diet. From its beginnings, Chocovic built on this ancient tradition by applying technology to the manufacture of the whole range of chocolate couvertures and products that they offer.  

Dipping Food

Our chocolate fountains speak for themselves! They are a huge hit in a variety of events and parties and can be creatively personalized to best fit your party with a range of delicious dips.

Chocolate fountains allow you to indulged in all your chocolate desires. Coat fresh strawberries in warm liquid chocolate and dip soft marshmallows straight into the chocolate fountain. Feel free to explore different dipping food as long as they are firm enough not to disintegrate while dipped in the fountain. 

Dipping ideas includes:

Strawberries -  Dragon Fruit -  Pineapples -  Bananas -  Lychees -  Cherries -  Grapes - Melon


Marshmallows - Macadamia Nuts - Profiteroles - Croissants - Meringues - Waffles - Wafers